Continuing Education Referrals

Gregg and I concentrate our efforts on State CEU's for Ford Motor Company Skilled Trades, but we are open-minded if other groups need State CEU's. We typically run two classes a year, Spring @ LAP and Fall @ KTP - FMC, usually able to take care of most of the 12 month birth cycles.

If this does not work out, here are some other good instructors to call for additional classes.

   -- Mike Baueria,, Electrical CEU's

   -- David Elble,, HVAC & Plumbing CEU's

   -- Floyd Schanz,, Plumbing CEU's

   --Don Daub,, CE Contractor CE’s

   -- Milwaukee Tools, " Silicas " Approved OSHA Dust removal
      -- Jessica Ohnesorge,
      -- Gregory Dillon

   -- Local 502
      -- Chuck Graham,
      -- Nick Brown,
Training Center


   -- Local 369
      -- Harold Reynolds,

Local 369 Training


   -- David Elble,, HVAC classes

David Elble - HVAC Training


   -- Mike Baueria, Electrical classes @ Prosser,, Ext: 6643
      -- Prosser Career Education Center

Prosser Career Education Center

   --Don Daub,, CE Contractor CE’s

Xpertise - Providing Certified Continuing Education


Our courses are approved for Kentucky State CEU's.
Jackie HarrisPhone: 702-848-2363

National Training Center

National Training Center


Nicole Cobb
Phone: 502-295-0869

Jefferson Community College